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Just splashing in the tight bunion!. The point where Divya Durisaimi is zoomed in!


Divya Duraisamy is one of the few who came to cinema from journalism. He has worked as a newsreader in some TV channels.

At one point he even acted in some short films to get interested in acting. Divya is also popular among netizens through social media.

He has acted in some movies. He also acted in Ispet Raja and Ithiya Rani. After that he also acted in Suriya’s film Edirim Vathindavan.

She used to be a newsreader and now she wants to become a model and become a popular actress by acting in many films.

So, like the actresses, she has started posting pictures of herself in attractive clothes.

In that way, the fans are drooling after seeing the photos posted by Divya wearing jeans pants, half tops and showing the front and waist.


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