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Kamal fell in love while acting at the age of sixteen! The secret told by the actor…

Chitra Lakshmanan is an actor, journalist, journalist, producer, director, media person who has many faces. He recently spoke to the media about his friendship with Kamal, his experience and many interesting facts about the film at the age of sixteen that we don’t know.

Kamal Haasan had finished acting in about 10 films in 1975. Among them, I was the press officer for films like Antarangam, Airathil Arutthi, Cinema Pithiyam and Mala Sudava. I was the one who talked about Kamal’s salary and signed him for the film Airathil Yoruthi.

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Kamal received a salary of 15 thousand in that film. Kamal’s 1976 film, Luck is Calling. The film was directed by Jagannathan. Bharathiraja was his assistant. This was my last film when that film was made. Bharathiraja has decided that from now on it will be a movement.


That’s the film he made at the age of sixteen. Kamal is already acquainted with Bharathiraja. According to him, he can find new talents easily. So, he agreed to act in that film. Kamal asked for a salary of 30 thousand to act in this film. Bharathiraja and the producer agreed to give it.

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The film was shot near Mysore. So, we went there by train and stayed in a hotel. Cell phones were not available then like now. We had to walk half an hour from where we were staying and talk to Trunkal. You have to wait for half an hour after giving the phone number. Kamal will wait like that.


Then there were rumors that Kamal was in love with Hindi actress Rekha. So, I also thought Kamal was talking to him. But Kamal told me that he is in love with Vani Ganapathi, who did a song with him in the film ‘Melnattu Marumamal’. Chitra Lakshmanan said that she married Vani Ganapathi, the next film released at the age of sixteen.

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