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Kannadasan, who wrote the song while driving in a moving car… Did they call Kavyarasar for nothing?!

Everyone should say that Kannadasan is a poet. His son Annathurai Kannadasan has shared some information about his memories. Let’s see what…

There are very few people in the world of cinema who have called Kannadasan Vada Podan. RR Chandran is one such caller. He is a cinematographer, director and producer. Mahakavi Kalidas is the producer of the film. Nane Raja was also produced by him. Kannadasan has written the story and dialogues of this film.

Kannadasan wrote the dialogues for this movie with passion. So the story is not taken up. RR Chandran also gave complete freedom to write his verse. Kannadasan is also the one who holds the title Nane Raja.



It was the same RR Chandran who thought of using Kannadasa to write verses when he produced Mahakavi Kalidas. But at that time Kannadasan was very busy and could not write. There are total 14 songs in this film.

11 of these songs were written by Kannadasan himself. Kannadasan had written songs in the Mahakavi Kalidas movie, Yaar Daruar Ind Ariyasanam, Yaar Daruar Ind Ariyasanam.

He who was a goatherd Chelliya becomes a Mahakavi by the grace of Goddess Kali. A song should be written for the film with Kannadasan. But he never got caught. Thinking of what to do, RR Chandran called assistant Narayanan and explained the details. The song has come too late. Immediately KV Mahadevan and RR Chandran again went to see Kannadasan to pressure him.



Kannadasan told Narayanan that while leaving in the car, he should go to another place for composing. It shocked Narayana. Narayanan wrote the entire song while driving. KV Mahadevan praised that a poet like Kannadasan will never be born.

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