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Karakatakkaran, I was the first heroine in the film at the age of 16! What to do now lament?

Actress Nirosha: Actress Nirosha was a top heroine in Tamil cinema in the 80s. He is famous for acting with many leading actors like Kamal, Ramki, Karthik. He is married and currently shining on the small screen.

And after marriage, he got a lot of reception in the serial Chinnapappa Periyappa. Even now one of the popular serials on Vijay TV is Pandian Stores. Nirosha is now playing the role of Gomati in the second part of the serial.

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While Nirosha was busy acting during that time, she missed many good movie opportunities. If you want to be specific about it, you can say pictures of Karakatakkaran and 16 years old.

That too when Gangai Amaran asked Nirosha for a call sheet for only one day in the movie Karakatakkaran, Nirosha was acting in the movie Joined Hands at that time. Because of that, he did not act in that film.

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But Nirosha has said in an interview that if I had acted in those two films, my market would have gone somewhere else. His movie Lal Salaam was released yesterday.

Nirosha played Rajini’s wife in that film. It is noteworthy that Nirosha, who did not act with Rajini at that time, paired up with Rajini in her second innings.

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