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Kevin Spacey is the Devil on his return to work after his acquittal

In every contract you must read the fine print

Kevin Spacey is the Devil on his return to work after his acquittal
Kevin Spacey returns to acting after several trials from which he has emerged victorious, not unscathed

After spending more than five years away from the world of cinema after the sexual assault scandals of which it was acquitted of all charges last year in both the United Kingdom and the United States, Kevin Spacey will star in a movie again, and he will do so as a mysterious character known as the devil in an Italian psychological thriller that will be titled Contract.

In addition, the film is also scheduled to be released in March of this year. Pedro five eightwhich however carries finished and waiting of the resolutions of both trials from 2022. Spicey will therefore return to acting for the first time after he has been found innocent of all the charges for which he was accused, accusations that led to his loss of several jobsthe most notable being his dismissal of the Serie house of cardsa huge negative impact on their reputation and a social and professional isolation that little by little seems to be recovering.

Kevin Spicey is the Devil

Contractby Italian director Massimo Paolucci (All in one day), which just wrapped principal photography in Rome after beginning filming last December, is already being described as a kind of The heart of the angel that of The devil’s lawyerwhich would give us a fairly clear clue as to where the shots would go.

In these other movies, the supernatural intermingles with the real world and with the world of the legal professionin both cases taking on human appearance entities that should not be walking on our very soil. Spacey, like Al Pacino in The devil’s lawyerIt will therefore be one of them, the worst of alland, like a ruthless lawyer, he will enforce each and every clause of a contract that it would have been better not to sign.

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