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Kylie Jenner shocks the internet in a “Naked Bikini” – Dont miss – Tamil News

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Kylie Jenner has once again set social media alight as she posted a photo of her newest swimsuit top which appeared at first glance to show her nipples. Currently on vacation in the Utah desert, Jenner has been blessing all of us with sizzling hot bikini photos.

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But it’s her latest ‘gram that stands out from the crowd: Posing with the blue sky behind her and the wind in her hair,Kylie Jenner opted for an almost nude Bikini. “free the nipple,” the “Kardashians” star, 24, cleverly captioned two close-up photos of her trompe l’oeil Jean Paul Gaultier swimsuit top. Fittingly dubbed “The Naked Bikini,” the sexy swimwear is part of the French fashion house’s collaboration with stylist Lotta Volkova.

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The Kardashians star – who has her own brand of bathing suits under the Kylie Swim name – has been keeping followers updated on her sun-soaked adventures lately. In one snap the mother-of-two is seen throwing a hand up in the air as her natural dark hair blows in the breeze. A second similar photograph shows Jenner catching some rays under dark sunglasses.

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Fans immediately took to the comment section after being shocked by Kylie’s photo. One fan wrote: “absolutely screaming ma’am” while another wrote: “woke up and chose shock value”.

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