Home Android News laid off 3% of the employees of its chip division in the United States

laid off 3% of the employees of its chip division in the United States

laid off 3% of the employees of its chip division in the United States


About 3% of Samsung Device Solutions America’s employees have been laid off due to “uncertain economic conditions” across the tech industry, especially in the United States.

Not even Samsung dodges the crisis: 3% of the employees of its chip division in the United States have been laid off
One of Samsung’s chip production plants in the United States, recently visited by Joe Biden. | Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP

Despite samsung had confirmed that their chip factories were already in the future when starting production with 3 nanometer lithographs, the truth is that not everything seems so good around the semiconductor division of the South Korean giantwhich in reality does not escape either a looming crisis that has opened the box of thunder in the United States definitively with the bankruptcies of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank from New York.

As reported by colleagues SamMobilethe economic tsunami that is experienced in the technology industry It will not only affect Google and other North American giants, but Firms like Samsung are also restructuring their businesses quoting “uncertain economic conditions” that have led them to make drastic decisions and obviously also quite painful.

Not surprisingly, the movement announced by the Samsung chip division in the United States is that approximately 3% of its employees have been laid offin line with the recession that they have experienced in their own flesh.

Samsung’s semiconductor division in the United States records a 96.9% drop in operating profit in Q4 2022, so in the midst of the recession they have decided to restructure by laying off more or less 3% of their employees .

So Samsung Device Solutions America’s (DSA) takes to the streets to about 30 workers out of a total of 1,200 employeesmore or less, having already notified those layoffs justified by the difficult economic situation.

In fact, it is that Samsung DSA registered in the fourth quarter of 2022 about $204 million in operating profitwhich means year-on-year a drop in profit of an incredible 96.9% that they already anticipate will continue to decrease in the current quarter.

It is not the first movement of this type among the semiconductor giants, much less it will not be the last, since Intel has announced an operating loss of $700 million. in Q4 of 2022, ultimately its worst numbers in the last 50 years and the start of a huge round of layoffs and strategic restructuring.

For our ‘millennial’ generation, who lives from crisis to crisis, it may already be a cliché… But things are not looking good!



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