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Late Fall Group Ride – BionicOldGuy

Late Fall Group Ride – BionicOldGuy


My group did a ride yesterday heading East of Morgan Hill then north on the Coyote Creek trail to Metcalf park. While taking a break in the park, I thought I saw a bunch of dogs off leash coming into the park and wondered whose they were, but when they got closer it turned out it was a wild mama pig and her half grown piglets. Mama is the big black one to the right of the garbage can that says “San Jose” on it.

We were close enough to get a decent picture but when we tried to edge up closer they ambled off:

Wild pigs are a problem to homeowners in this area. They dig up lawns to get at grubs living underneath. I don’t if that is what this family intended. Maybe they would try the grass in the park first and then move to lawns of nearby lawns.

After our wildlife adventure we headed back to Morgan Hill for lunch downtown. It was a nice ride on a pretty warm day for this late in the season.



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