League Of Legends Goes 2D In This New Netflix Trailer Featuring Jinx

League Of Legends Goes 2D In This New Netflix Trailer Featuring Jinx

League Of Legends creator Riot Games continues to expand the League of Legends empire, releasing the latest trailer for its upcoming animated series headed to Netflix.

The trailer, titled Arcane which is also the name of the League Of Legends animated series, features Jinx. A popular character known for her Harley Quinn-like demeanor. Jinx is portrayed in a very different light in the trailer though.

Gone is her zany, quirky attitude. In its place is a frame of mind dominated by feelings of anger, sadness, anxiety, and rage. All things that Jinx is commonly not associated with. But that’s the beauty of this animates series. As Riot seeks to build out some of the background for the characters in its mega hit game.

The series, or at least this trailer and its predecessors, is supposed to be more of an origin story. Bringing viewers into the fold on how, and perhaps why Jinx became the Jinx that players know and love.

Jinx has a score to settle in the latest League Of Legends Animated Series Trailer

Sibling rivalry is a tale as old as time. One sibling gets all the attention while the other maybe gets picked on. Which sometimes results in the latter sibling feeling less important.

That’s not necessarily what’s going on in this trailer. But you do get a sense of emotion building up, stemming from something traumatic. Intense emotion. Bubbling up from the very core until Jinx finally unleashes her fury onto a boxing machine in a flurry of kicks and punches.

All while recalling what seems like painful memories of her and her sister Vi. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet you can view it above. And you definitely should as it helps to set the stage for possibly more trailers, and the story of the series itself.

The series will land on Netflix this Fall

Neither Riot nor Netflix has set an exact date for release yet. But the series will be dropping on Netflix sometimes this Fall. So the arrival isn’t too far off.

Although there is still a lot that’s unknown about Arcane, this latest trailer paints the picture for what the main arc of the story is going to be. A rivalry between Jinx and Vi. You can also watch the initial announcement trailer here, as well as the dev diary about the series below, which delves deep into various elements of the show from the story to the setting.

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