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Leo, Jailerlam is a waste!.. These films are really bad!..

Even though the films released this year including Superstar Rajinikanth’s Jailer and Thalapathy Vijay’s Leo collected 500 crores within 2 weeks, there is an allegation that audiences are not coming to the theaters to watch those films.

Earlier, when a film was released, it used to run for 175 days and 100 days. Nowadays, except for a few films, the entire film does not exceed one week.

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Blue Shirt Maran has posted a new tweet saying that only if it runs in this period of 50 days, it will be a good film and he has dealt with both the films Jailer and Leo in his left hand.

“Without selling black tickets, without narrating Kaka’s story at the audio launch, without lamenting ‘Bathattam Budungaranga’ in songs, without asking for 80% share, without doing political comedy like I am ready poster ft..

50 days of standing still and truly winning films:

Dr., Conference, Vikram, Ponni’s Selvan 1, Love Today etc.” By tweeting, Jailer and Leo films are not running properly after 10 days.

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It is noteworthy that after Rajinikanth and Vijay, the Blue Shirt Maran has been seeing good income on the X platform by getting a lot of impressions for the past few months.

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