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Let go of Code Vijay!.. Look at how young Ajith has become!.. Persistence Demoda Sema Pics!..

Bigg Boss season 1 title winner Aarav has released the latest look of actor Ajith while the shooting of Vidathila is going on in Azerbaijan. While Ajith’s appearance was a bit bulky till Thadhavu, it seems that Ajith has reduced his body weight significantly by following a strict diet plan and working out for Vididatha.

Directed by Mizhil Tirumeni and produced by Laika, the movie Vidadudu is being made entirely in Azerbaijan. Will it be like a Tamil film? Or will it be like an English film? A question has arisen among the fans.

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Bigg Boss first season title winner Aarav, Arjun, Trisha, Regina Cassandra and many others are acting in this film. In this case, actor Ajith Kumar, who left for sightseeing in Azerbaijan with Aarav, has now given a treat to Ajith’s fans by publishing photos of him wearing a shirt and jeans and looking young.

While the shooting is going on in Baku, Azerbaijan, Aarav has released the photos taken from there. Ajith’s fans are thanking Aarav, thank you very much bro for showing Thala Darshan.

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There are reports that the shooting of the film Vidathela is going to be completed soon and the film will release on May 1st.

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