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Let’s see the 20 minutes of footage with Priyanka Mohan!.. The crew is crying.. What happened at the last moment?

Priyanka Mohan is the heroine in Dhanush’s Captain Miller. In this case, the film crew has held a press meet crying and lamenting that their 20 minutes of footage will be shown in a film in which he acted. What is shocking is that they indirectly said that Priyanka Mohan is the reason for this.

Fans are commenting that they did not understand why Anirudh gave such a song to Priyanka Mohan in Sivakarthikeyan’s Doctor movie, wondering if everything will be Tik Tok from now on, but now they understand.

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Recently Priyanka Mohan starrer Tik Tok trailer was released with pittu scenes. MK Produced and directed by this film was released last week at the end of the year.

However, the director who saw the film in the theater and the film crew including the hero are shocked to learn that they will see a 20-minute portion of the film. Especially the scenes of Priyanka Mohan who played the heroine in the film are missing.

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This is Priyanka Mohan’s first film in 2018 and since it is a mini budget film, it is now released after many years. With Priyanka Mohan’s range of roles as Doctor, Don, Daredevil and the upcoming Captain Miller, did she think Tik Tok scenes would clear her market? The question has arisen.

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