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Life and Beth Season 2 Release Date

Life and Beth Season 2 Release Date


If you ever want to watch a really great comedy drama, then check out Life & Beth on Disney+.

Starring Amy Schumer, Life and Beth is not your typical laugh-out-loud sitcom but rather a journey through the lead character’s mid-life crisis, with plenty of humor thrown in.

Beth is a woman whose seemingly perfect life starts to unravel, revealing the not-so-glamorous underbelly of her reality.

It’s a narrative about self-discovery, with Schumer’s character confronting past and present to find a future that sincerely resonates with her.

The first season was released in 2022 on HULU before it made its way to Disney+ for everyone outside of the US.

It may have been some time since we got new episodes however, the good news is that Life & Beth season 2 is on the way!

Life & Beth Season 2 Release Date

Back in April 2022, HULU renewed the series for a ten-episode second season. And then everything went a bit quiet.

In fact, nearly all of 2023 has passed and still nada. But that’s about to change because we can confirm that Life & Beth season 2 will be released on February 16th, 2024.

Very little is known about the direction the show will take and as of yet but we’re crossing our fingers and toes that Beth and John are still finding their way in the world.

Although with ten episodes to cover, there are bound to be a few bumps in the road!

Life & Beth Recap

It’s been more than a year and half so here is a little recap on Life & Bethjust in case you need a reminder…

Beth appears to have it all. She has a successful career in wine sales, a long-term boyfriend named Matt, and a seemingly perfect life in Manhattan.

But after an unexpected and fatal incident involving a snake bite befalls a colleague, Beth begins to question her life’s path.

To make things worse, she receives a call informing her that her mother has passed away unexpectedly and so she heads back to her childhood home on Long Island.

Through flashbacks, we learn about young Beth’s life, including her complicated relationship with her mother. Feeling suffocated by her current relationship with Matt, she finds herself more and more drawn to John (Michael Cera), whose simple lifestyle offers a stark contrast to her life in Manhattan.

She ultimately breaks up with Matt, realizing that they want different things out of life and decides to stay in Long Island longer.

There, she begins working on a farm owned by John, helping with the grape harvest, giving her a sense of peace and connection to the land.

As the relationship between Beth and John intensifies, and she starts to see a potential future with him and contemplates not returning to Manhattan.

In the season finale, Beth fully confronts her past, leading to a release of emotion and a clearer understanding of what she wants from life.

The season ends with Beth making a significant decision about her relationship with John and her career, setting the stage for her next chapter.

Season 2 – What Will Happen?

Beth and John’s relationship grows more serious and it looks like marriage and having a family could be a possibility.

But, as per the first season, they still have some communication problems that need to be taken care of.

Will it all work out for them? And how will her relationship with her sister develop now that she has decided to stay in Long Island?



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