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Life given by Vijay… Vadivelu who played in an artist career that needs to grow..! This is a sin…

Vadivelu: Tamil cinema’s comedy storm Vadivelu has many fans. But no one who met him ever spoke proud of Vadivelu. Everyone is interviewing that he has so many problems and saying that Vadivelu has ruined our lives.

Actor Vadivelu once made a flying flag in cinema. The law is what he puts in the films he acts in. The director should be restrained. Otherwise he will give you a lot of trouble. Even the verse is what he thinks.

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In this case, Vadivelu withdrew from his career at one point to talk unnecessarily about Vijayakanth in the campaign. He was not given a chance after that. From that people who were familiar with him started telling the truth about him openly.

Benjamin acted in some films along with Vadivelu. Especially in Vetrikkodi Kattu, he went viral in the scene where he scolded Vadivelu. But the movie Tirupachi, where he acted with Vijay, gave him good reception. He expected many opportunities to come his way after that.

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Similarly, the producers came in line and gave an advance of up to one and a half lakhs. No one calls him as he waits to call the shooting. After waiting for 1 year he came to know that it was Vadivelu’s work.

He ends his career by sending his men as producers and paying money. After acting in the cinema for a year, he did not get Tirupachi reception. Vadivelu kept him in a position of acting in small roles until today, when he needed to grow up.

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