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LINER Is An App That Lets You Highlight Both Text & Videos

If you’ve been looking for a really capable highlighter for Android, well, we may have something for you. LINER is an Android app that allows you to highlight both text and videos.

LINER is a really useful app that allows you to highlight both text & videos

The app is free to use, and even though it has its quirks, it can be really useful. I’ve briefly tested it, and found that it’ll do great for my video highlighting needs. I’ve tested it with YouTube, and it works great.

How does it work, exactly? Well, if you need to highlight a number of different parts of the video, this is the app to get. You simply open the video you want, tap the share icon, and share it via LINER. That video will then open in LINER’s built-in browser.

You simply start watching the video, and every time you want to highlight something, you tap the easily-noticeable pen icon (shown in the featured image). The app will make a timestamp, and won’t interrupt you any further.

You can do this basically as many times as you want. Once you’re done, you can share all those timestamps. The person on the other side will get LINER’s link, but won’t be required to install anything. They’ll be able to click any of the timestamps, though, as shown in the screenshot below.

LINER app screenshot

Various colors are available for text highlighting

You can also highlight text the old fashion way. There are a ton of colors to choose from, and you can highlight away. Do note that some people are having issues with PDF highlighting, at least based on the comments, so your mileage may vary.

LINER even offers the community aspect. You’ll be able to share your highlights with other LINER users, and communicate with them as well, if that’s something you want to do. The app will even show you some recommendations.

You can even use LINER on the web, which also works great. If you’d like to try out this app, it’s linked below, while you’ll also find some screenshots for reference.

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