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Look how much Kaka-Kalguku story has affected Vijay!

The success of Leo was held at the Nehru Stadium in Chennai. Actor Vijay, who finally took the stage and spoke at the music launch of Jailer, has made up his mind to tell a short story in response to Rajinikanth’s Kaka Kalguku short story.

Actor Rajinikanth told the story of Kaka Kalguku Kutti and said that he did not mention any actor. However, many people started a debate saying that Rajini mentioned the actor Vijay.

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Many criticized the eagle scene in the climax of the movie Leo as a retaliation to actor Rajinikanth. At Leo’s victory ceremony, Ratnakumar first started talking about the cuckoo eagle issue, and fans expected that actor Vijay would avoid it.

But as soon as Vijay said, “The two people were in a forest where there were lions, tigers, elephants, deers, peacocks, crows and eagles,” the whole hall started screaming. Actor Vijay gave space to the fans for a while, one of them went to hunt a rabbit with a bow.. another went with a spear and targeted an elephant. But he came back empty-handed. Who is the winner in this.. The one who marks the elephant is the winner.. Perusa is telling a short story.

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