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LumaFusion is Now Available for Android and Chromebooks – Phandroid


A couple of months ago, we mentioned that LumaFusion will be making its way to devices outside the Apple ecosystem, and the popular video editing app is now finally available for purchase on Android devices and Chromebooks via the Google Play Store, as an early release beta.

LumaFusion is Now Available for Android and Chromebooks – Phandroid

In terms of functionality, LumaFusion offers a wide variety of video-editing features akin to what you’d see on most desktop-based editing programs. Users can layer up to six video and audio tracks, a magnetic timeline, layer effects, green screen and chroma keys, color correction tools, LUT compatibility, 120 and 240fps slow-motion video, and in-depth audio editing, to name a few. The app is currently available for around 20 bucks on the Play Store, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Store.

One caveat however is the hardware required to run the app – given its wealth of editing capabilities, it would be ideal to run it on a somewhat powerful smartphone or tablet. With that said, if you are a content creator who mostly edits and produces video using smartphones, tablets or Chromebooks, LumaFusion is a nice option to have, especially with the powerful core editing features.

You can check out the app on Google Play.


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