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Marriage with an actress?!.. MGR gave a warning!. Jaishankar, who completed it immediately!

Actor Jaishankar: Jaishankar is one of the oldest actors of Tamil cinema. He made his debut as a hero in the Tamil film Nattum Pagalum. He created his own fan base by playing various character roles.

He has also acted in many movies like Vai Mel Aasi, Muthusippi, Kanni Pen. Although he has acted with many stars like Sivaji Ganesan and Muthuraman, it must be said that he has never acted in a film with MGR.

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But he got an opportunity to act with MGR. But Jaishankar was unable to take advantage of it. And he was very close to MGR in his personal life.

MGR once invited him to meet him. Jaishankar also went to the make-up room to see MGR. MGR shared the food he had brought with Jaishankar. After finishing the meal, he sent everyone out of the room. At that time there were gossips in many magazines connecting Jaishankar and his co-star Vijayalakshmi.

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Then he asked Jaishankar, ‘Are you going to marry Vijayalakshmi?’.. Immediately Jaishankar said ‘No… you have misunderstood me… M.Vijayalakshmi and I have acted together in many films… Journalists misunderstand it and link us both wrongly.. We are both best friends’.

He also said, ‘As for me, I will marry the woman my parents tell me’. MGR immediately asked ‘Marriage can decide your future.. There is nothing wrong with you marrying Vijayalakshmi… But do whatever is right for you.. But put an end to this news’.. Immediately Jaishankar married the woman his parents had told him.

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