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Marriage with the actress! Bad Simbu with his mouth – what Saravana is this?

Actor Simbu is a famous person in Tamil cinema who is known for causing problems wherever he goes. Simbu used to be a place where people would bump into each other wherever they went. Simbu cheered up the fans by giving a comeback because there is some blessing of God.

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In the beginning he came as a flea boy. As his films were also adult films, the family fans were somewhat dissatisfied with Simbu. A few people even hated Simbu’s film as it was not a film to watch with families. But recently, films like Kadhanpur, Vendu Taninatha Kadu, Bathu Thala, where he acted, have become the fodder for Simbu’s acting.



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Simbu is next signed for a new film under Kamal Productions directed by Desingu Periyasamy. Screen critic Vidhakan Shekhar told a secret about him in an interview. In other words, Simbu, who talked about his relationship with many leading actresses, only disclosed his love affair with actress Nayanthara.

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However, there were reports that Simbu was in love with many actresses like Hansika and Trisha. In this situation, an actress suddenly entered Tamil cinema as Chinna Kushbu. She was acting in many successful films and fell in love with Simbu.

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Simbu’s father T Rajendran even went as far as marriage to give the green light to their love. But the marriage ended suddenly. Vidhagan Shekhar said that the reason is Simbu. In other words, he put a condition on the actress that Simbu should not act after marriage.



The actress was not interested in this, so she left Simbu saying that this will not be a set from now on. And the actress got married only last year. The actress, who announced her marriage in a popular OT, was asked about Simbu. To that the actress said that I had a hard time to forget my love with Simbu and it was at that time that the person who is now my husband expressed love and I had a hard time accepting that love.

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