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Mayank Agarwal: Sudden Health Impact; Admission to the ICU! – What happened to Mayank Agarwal?

Indian cricketer Mayank Agarwal was rushed to the hospital due to health problems during his flight.

Mayank Agarwal, who has played many matches for the Indian team, is now playing for the Karnataka team in the Ranji matches. He is the captain of the Karnataka team. The Karnataka team, which was in Agartala, has flown to Surat via Delhi to play their next match against Railways. Mayank Aggarwal reportedly felt physically uncomfortable during the flight. He has irritation in his mouth and throat.

Mayank Agarwal

Immediately following this, the flight returned to the place of departure and arrived at Agartala. Mayank Agarwal was rushed to the hospital from the airport. He is reportedly being treated in the hospital’s emergency department. It has also been reported that the hospital has said that there is no danger to him.

Mayank Agarwal’s drink on the flight was also reported to be the only thing that did not agree with him. In a statement released by IndiGo, “Indigo flight 6E 5177 was traveling from Agartala to Delhi. Due to a medical emergency, the flight was diverted to Agartala and the passenger was rushed to the hospital. The flight departed for Delhi at 16:20 along with other passengers.”

Mayank Agarwal

The complete details will be known only when the official report about Mayank Agarwal’s health is released.

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