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Meera Mithun should be like Thangachi!.. Bigg Boss Jovika fans!..

Fans are joking that Vanitha Vijayakumare was very cute in her childhood and her elder daughter Jovika is trying to become a heroine, but before that she tarnished her name by participating in Bigg Boss.

Vanitha Vijayakumar is making a big effort to make her daughter a heroine somehow. For that, recently Vanitha Vijayakumar has been posting a series of photoshoot photos conducted by Jovika Vijayakumar on her Instagram page wearing attractive clothes.

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After looking at those photos, the fans started drooling that you have become so beautiful Jovica and Super Jovica.

But at the same time the picture quality is not good. Even if your mother took the photo without paying the cameraman, they are making a blur like this and Meera Mithun dressed like this in the beginning and put the photo in the same way.

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Still not getting any film opportunities? Netizens are copying and trolling asking if you are looking for an opportunity by putting so many photos on Instagram at once. Fans have started pouring hate on Pradeep Antony ever since he said that Jovica should give a red card along with the bully gang. They say that is the reason for attacking Vanitha Vijayakumar.

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