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Meet the mobile with the best camera in the world

Meet the mobile with the best camera in the world


Recently presented at the Mobile World Congress 2023, the new Honor Magic5 Pro has managed to become the new photographic leader for DxOMark with 152 points.

DxOMark has a new king: meet the mobile with the best camera in the world
The new Honor Magic5 Pro in the foreground, boasting a photographic module.

We already have with us first new generation phone, from 2023, which goes up to the top ten by DxOMark Regarding mobile photography. And it has been difficult to see it because it seems that it was difficult, and it is that after having with us the vivo X90 Pro+ and to Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultrafor example, tied for 11th position with the Google Pixel 7 and only 140 points, few options left premium in which to trust blindly for these first months of the course.

We’re going to have to give it more credibility to Honorin any case, and it is that the former signature spin-off Huawei seems to have learned well from its old parent. In fact, his recently introduced Honor Magic5 Proin the end also the great star of the Mobile World Congress 2023has just risen directly, like this without anesthesia, with the first place in the DxOMark ranking unseating a Huawei Mate 50 Pro whose throne has lasted just 5 months.

Honor Magic5 Pro, all the information

A tremendous success after reap 152 pointsno less, surpassing the former leader by 3 points and signing the all-time high scores in photography, bokeh and zoomleaving only the preview and video scores for Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max to lead.

these are all the broken down scores that the Honor Magic5 Pro has achieved in the DxOMark tests:

Honor Magic5 Pro, photographic review in DxOMark

Honor Magic5 Pro on DxOMark

This is how the passage through DxOMark of the new Honor Magic5 Pro is broken down.

Honor Magic5 Pro, a photographic marvel

Although We already reviewed it a couple of days ago in his presentation, now it’s our turn reanalyze all the superlative photographic possibilities of a device that, finally and by surprise, has aimed very high, and that on paper it would seem inferior to the possibilities of the flagship of alive and their cameras signed by ZEISS:

  • 50 MP main, 1/1.12″”, f/1.6 aperture, 23mm-equivalent, multidirectional PDAF + laser hybrid autofocus, OIS
  • 50 MP ultra-wide angle, 122º field, 13-mm equivalent, f/2.0 aperture, autofocus
  • 50 MP periscope telephoto lens, 90-mm equivalent, f/3.0 aperture, PDAF autofocus, 3.5x optical zoom, OIS
  • 12 MP front camera, front ToF 3D sensor, f/2.4 aperture, 4K@30fps video
  • Additional ToF 3D sensor, LED flash, auto-HDR, 100x hybrid zoom, 4K@60fps video with gyro-EIS, HDR10 and 10-bit

Honor does not have the illustrious Leica signatures that Huawei had, nor the Zeiss or Hasselblad stamps, but as you may have noticed the Chinese manufacturer has managed to assemble a very balanced photographic systemwith three sensors similar in resolution and different lenses, which offer versatility but seek maximum homogeneity of results in all possible scenarios.

This is how the passage of the Honor Magic5 Pro through DxOMark is summarized

As I’m sure you also want see updated DxOMark rankingright here we leave you both the link like catching her top ten current, now already led by this Honor Magic5 Pro that has boasted of the best results in exposure, textures, noise and blur effects bokeh achieved to date.

It is the best smartphone in terms of mobile photography on the planet, both well-lit outdoors and indoorseven when the brightness of the scene decreases or different lighting levels complicate the capture, also leading the new category Friends&Family recently started by French analysts, testing portraits and group photos or videos.

DxOMark ranking

With a difference of 3 points, we have a new leader in DxOMark.

Experts say that the Honor Magic5 Pro is very fast to focus and shootachieving a great level of detail even without stopping too much, in addition to keep the noise at bay in virtually all situations.

In addition, he zoom it’s also amazingly goodwhile in the video section, from DxOMark they confirm that this is best phone for recording motion pictures thanks to its stabilization and its level of exposure.

Obviously, Apple will continue to lead video and previewsbut in everything else we have new photographic king in the mobile industrywhich comes from China and is unexpectedly signed by Honor.

_We would love to try the great work of the manufacturer from Shenzhen, without a doubt…!

DxOMark has a new king: meet the mobile with the best camera in the world Mobile World Congress 2023

Alternative name MWC 2023 Start date 02-27-2023 Ending date 02-03-2023 Web page https://www.mwcbarcelona.com/

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