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Meet The Razer Opus X, An Affordable & Stylish ANC Headset

Razer today is introducing a brand new headset to its lineup of already an extensive audio collection, the Opus X, which does launch today and is available at a much lower price than you might expect.

The launch of the Razer Opus X shows that Razer is committed to holding up its ideals of delivering stylish products that perform well. The more surprising thing is the price at which Razer is offering these. As Razer products like this one tend to be a little more pricey.

The Opus X is the second Opus headset overall and the newest product to obtain the “X” tag. Which Razer users to indicate a more affordable version of its products. Another product in this category that Razer recently launched is the Hammerhead True Wireless X. Though right now you can only seem to get those in the UK.

The Razer Opus X launch for $99, and they come in three colors

Compared to the original Opus, the Opus X come in at a cool $99. Though you do lose a feature or two by going this model. While you gain a trio of fun colors (Mercury, Quartz, and Green) and you pay a lower price, you also forfeit the THX certification. Which the regular Opus headphones offer.

That being said the Opus X still offer Active Noise Cancellation. So you can block out the world and focus on what you’re listening to. They also come with the 60ms low-latency gaming mode. A feature that the Opus don’t carry as Razer intended those to be more of an entertainment set of headphones.

The Opus X also feature two built-in microphones which Razer says work to deliver “crystal-clear” vocals for voice calls, in-game chat, and even video conferencing. Should you find yourself using these on your weekly Zoom meetings.

Never miss important details with the Quick Attention Mode

One of the better features Razer has offered in recent audio products, like the Hammerhead True Wireless Pro, is the Quick Attention Mode. Think of this like an ambient mode where it lets some sound in through the headphones so you can hear your music but still hear things around you. It’s the perfect feature for when you’re at the store checkout. Or basically anywhere that you need to communicate.

You’ll find this on the Opus X too. So you can seamlessly move between ANC and Quick Attention Mode when you need to.

If you’re looking to pick up the Opus X you can grab them in Mercury, Quartz, or Green at Razer’s website. One thing to note is that the Green model will be a and Razer Store exclusive. The other two should eventually pop up at other retailers though.

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