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Mentally upset world actor!.. All because of the rival’s friend!..

The world actor who has been hosting the show for many years has not been treated with any disrespect by the contestants. But, this time many ex-competitors are targeting the actor and speaking mockingly about the actor, and they are saying that the actor’s friend is the reason for putting pressure on the TV channel to expel the actor.

While chasing his friend with the wrong title, the enraged contestant’s friend is said to be using his influence to rally the young contestants and many TV personalities against the actor.

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They say that it is the young actor who has set up a PR team for the actor and is looking after all the work in the end.

However, if all these things reach the ears of the world, the young actor will become too good to be attacked in the cinema itself.

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There are rumors that Worlde has come to the conclusion that she will leave the show after knowing that many people are targeting her and want to hit her like never before.

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