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MGR shocked Lata who returned home late!

MGR always saw other people’s problems from his point of view. All others know is that he will help everyone. But if this happens MGR will also think about what problems they will face.

His cook once overheard someone poisoning his food and even sent him away with a large sum of money. ‘He will not get another job if he leaves here. What does he do for a living?’ MGR who thought from that point of view.



When MGR was acting in the film Irakan Kural, the actress Latha, who was acting in the film, asked the director of the film Sridhar for permission to go to Tirupati with her brother. But Sridhar did not give permission as he had to shoot many scenes involving Lata.

After that, MGR spoke to him and gave permission that Lata would come within a certain time. But when Lata returned from Tirupati, her car got a flat tire. While fixing it, the tire burst. So, Lata took a bus and came to Chennai with her mother. As it was already 8 pm, Lata went home without going to the shoot.

Actress Latha

At that time, MGR was serving food to Lata’s brothers and sisters who were in his house. Also, a carrier had food for Lata and her mother. Lata was pleasantly surprised, ‘How is this possible?’ When asked, MGR said, ‘The driver informed me through a trunk call that your car got punctured. You will be late. I brought food because the children are hungry at home,’ said MGR. Lata was moved to say.

It is noteworthy that Latave had told this incident in an interview.

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