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Microsoft also launched a paid AI chatbot – PCW

The Copilot Pro membership, which brings the top functions of generative AI to Office, has been launched.

Microsoft launched Bing Chat, also based on the GPT language model, shortly after the world-changing ChatGPT came onto the scene, which has been the company’s its artificial intelligence assistant, Copilot bears his name. The AI ​​chatbot is basically free, but those who want to get the most out of it can now even pay for it.

The people of Redmond have announced the launch of the Copilot Pro package, which, like the ChatGPT Plus membership, offers a set of extra functions in exchange for a fixed monthly fee compared to the free plan.

The most important one was presented in November GPT-4 Turbo language model support, which works on the basis of information until April 2023, and can process up to 300 pages of text with a single command, and all this faster than GPT-3 or GPT-4. However, the access will not be cheap, you will have to pay 20 dollars (approx. HUF 7,000) per month for it, but in return, it will make Copilot available in Office software in addition to an existing Microsoft 365 subscription.

With the Copilot Pro membership, for example, you can create complete PowerPoint presentations using text commands alone, or request paraphrases and brief summaries of documents in Word. The professional chatbot is also integrated into Outlook.com, where, among other things, it can help you answer e-mails and write new letters.

By the way, these services have already been available for some selected large companies for some time, the real novelty is that ordinary users can use them as well, if they are ready to open their wallets. Finally, Copilot Pro promises to provide access to the latest OpenAI models, including the GPT language model and the DALL-E image generator, as does the ChatGPT Plus package, also priced at $20 per month. About all the benefits of membership Microsoft in his official blog post you can read.

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