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Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS gets a huge Copilot update

The gap between the desktop and phone versions of Copilot for Microsoft Edge has shrunk considerably.

Key Takeaways

  • Microsoft Edge’s Copilot for Android and iOS now has plugin support, bringing the browser up to speed with the desktop version.
  • Copilot can now summarize YouTube videos and PDF files for you, as long as they have transcripts or subtitles.
  • Some devices may need to enable the new features in the Experimental flags section of the browser settings.

Microsoft has been adding Copilot, its AI-powered assistant, to a lot of its own services this year. However, while the desktop version of Microsoft Edge features a fully-fledged version of Copilot, users on Android and iOS have had to make do with a few missing features. Now, Microsoft is aiming to close the gap between Microsoft Edge on desktop and mobile with a big update that benefits Android and iOS users.

A big update for Microsoft Edge on Android and iOS

As spotted by Windows Latest, Microsoft Edge on mobile devices is getting a big boost for Copilot. The update doesn’t include any features that aren’t found in other versions of Copilot, but it does bring the browser up to speed with its desktop counterparts.

First up, Copilot on Edge for mobile now has plugin support. If you access Copilot in your browser, you have a selection of plugins to choose from, from recipe finders to song generators. The selection of plugins available has made its way over to mobile, so you don’t miss out on any functionality if you’re on the go.

If you’re watching a YouTube video, you can bring up Copilot and ask it to summarise the video for you. Copilot can only do this if the video features a transcript or subtitles, so it likely won’t work on every video. Alongside that, you can now ask Copilot to sum up a PDF file if you open it through Microsoft Edge.

Some devices may show more of Copilot’s features than others. If your version of Edge doesn’t seem to have the new features, be sure to open “Edge://flags” in your browser and double-check the Experimental flags for Copilot entries. Either way, this update should be a welcome one for people who love using Copilot for Edge.

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