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Microsoft Store in Windows 11 is getting a major performance boost

Microsoft Store in Windows 11 is getting a major performance boost


The Microsoft Store has received significant performance enhancements for some Windows 11 Insiders, with product pages loading 40% faster on average.

Source: Microsoft

Key Takeaways

  • Microsoft Store app for Windows 11 now offers 40% faster product page loading, enhancing user experience significantly.
  • “Buy” button displays 1.5 times faster with improved backend algorithm for licensing handling between customers and apps.
  • Splash screen management updated for smoother app launches; enhancements available to Canary and Dev Channel Insiders now.

Although the Microsoft Store isn’t quite as popular as some other digital storefronts out there, it is still Microsoft’s recommended way to download apps securely. To get customers to use the Microsoft Store more frequently as a part of their daily routines, the Redmond tech firm consistently adds new features and enhancements to its storefront. Now, it has announced that it is previewing some significant performance gains in the app for Windows 11 Insiders.

What performance enhancements is Microsoft working on?

In posts made on X (formerly Twitter), several Microsoft employees have detailed the performance enhancements present in the latest Windows 11 preview build 26100, which was made available for Canary and Dev Channel users yesterday. These changes are not mentioned in the official change log.

Screenshot showing Camo Studio app in Microsoft Store

According to the Principal Architect behind the Microsoft Store, Rudy Huyn, version 22403 of the app brings numerous performance benefits. For starters, product pages now load 40% faster on average, which is a pretty significant gain considering that this is a core part of the user experience. Similarly, the “Buy” button now displays faster by a multiple of 1.5. This is due to the changes made to how the backend algorithm dynamically handles entitlement and licensing between the customer and their apps.

Modifications have also been made to how the splash screen is managed by the app. Microsoft’s Senior Software Engineer Sergio Pedri notes that the splash screen can be skipped almost completely in most cases, which makes the app launch experience much smoother.

When will I get these performance enhancements?

Screenshot of the Microsoft Store homepage on Windows 11

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not yet announced when these performance gains will make their way to everyone on Windows 11. However, this should happen relatively soon. Currently, these changes have only been implemented for Canary and Dev Channel Insiders on build 26100. It’s also unclear if these enhancements will make their way to Windows 10, considering that the two operating systems share the same storefront, but we’ll likely find out in due time.



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