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Microsoft Teams will no longer be included in Office 365 worldwide

Microsoft Teams will no longer be included in Office 365 worldwide


In Europe, this separation has been in force since October 1, 2023.

Microsoft Teams will no longer be included in Office 365 worldwide
Microsoft Teams will no longer be part of the Office 365 and Microsoft 365 suites

We already know that very soon Microsoft Teams will be more useful and intelligent thanks to Copilotbut for now the truth is that in Redmond they are having to deal with the problems that come with having integrated your communication and collaborative work app par excellence in the suites and Office 365 and Microsoft 365 subscriptions, as the EU has been investigating microsoft for monopolistic practices impose Teams on Office users.

Maybe seeking to collaborate to avoid sanctions or fines in advance, it’s been a while since Microsoft had announced in Europe the separation of Teams and Office 365measure that came into force on October 1, 2023 after a lawsuit by Salesforceowner of Loose.

And now, as confirmed by his colleagues Reutersit seems that Microsoft extends this decision globally to remove default Teams from Office 365 and Microsoft 365 packages worldwide, now selling it separately of subscription packages premium.

To ensure transparency for our customers, we are expanding the steps we took last year to separate Teams from M365 and O365 in the European Economic Area and Switzerland to customers around the world. In doing so, we also respond to comments from the European Commission by providing multinational companies with more flexibility, so they can standardize their purchasing across markets.

This is not the first time that Microsoft has been involved in this type of investigation, as It happened to your Internet browsers included by default in Windowsalthough actually now It does not seem that the separation of Teams is causing a drop in its use and an increase in competition, something that did happen with Internet Explorer and its alternatives in its day.

In fact, it is that Teams is so integrated into many companies’ workflowsespecially after the pandemic, that the impact of the measure will not be so important since It will be difficult for it to stop being used massively on a professional level at least in the short term.

This measure may not completely prevent continued investigations, but showing regulatory bodies that Microsoft is willing to be proactive and collaborate could soften the regulators’ stance. Gil Luria, senior analyst at DA Davidson.

As in Europe we have served as guinea pigs, we already know that The separation of Teams from M365 and O365 in October 2023 did not change the paradigm at allsince the user base (about 19 million people) has remained practically unchanged in recent months.

From Redmond they confirm to us that the suites Microsoft 365 and Office 365 will adapt their commercial linescurrent customers can continue with their license agreement or renew to one of the new offers, in which Teams will cost around $5.25 separately. Of course, each market will adapt the costs to its reality.

As some experts indicate, it seems that the company led by Satya Nadella now wants adopt a posture of maximum collaborationand Microsoft accumulates nothing more and nothing less than about 2.2 billion euros in sanctions in the last decade due to monopolistic practices in the EU when bundling products. Maybe this won’t save them entirely, but it could. partly improve the image of the company and that’s not bad either.

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