Microsoft teases new Snipping Tool in Windows 11

Microsoft teases new Snipping Tool in Windows 11

Today is Wednesday, so some of us might have been expecting a new Windows 11 update to be released for Windows Insiders. That hasn’t happened yet, but instead, Microsoft has teased a new version of Snipping Tool for Windows 11. Panos Panay, head of Microsoft’s Windows & Devices division, shared a glimpse at the new tool on Twitter.

In the very short video, we see a look at the tool’s new UI, which looks like a combination of the existing Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch. Snip & Sketch is an app Microsoft introduced in Windows 10 version 1809, and most logical people would assume it was a replacement for Snipping Tool. However, the two apps have coexisted so far, though Snipping Tool mostly remained unchanged, especially in terms of the UI.

This new Snipping Tool app in Windows 11 seems to effectively bring the two apps together, while retaining the name that’s most familiar. As seen in the video, launching Snipping Tool presents the same basic options as the current iteration of the app. You can start a new snip, choose the snip mode, or set a delay. These options aren’t as easily accessible in Snip & Sketch, with the snip modes showing up after starting a snip, while delay options are hidden in a dropdown menu that isn’t labeled. In that sense, this new app retains the best aspects of the original Snipping Tool.

However, the rest of the interface still feels very much like Snip & Sketch. You can still see options for changing snip modes after starting a new snip, and the editing interface is basically the same as Snip & Sketch. Some buttons have been re-arranged, though, such as the undo and redo buttons moving next to the other editing tools. This makes room for the delay and snip mode buttons near the top left corner of the app window.

It seems like Microsoft is finally ready to remove the two redundant apps, and Panos Panay says Windows Insiders will be able to try the new Snipping Tool soon. We’re still due for a new Windows 11 build this week, so maybe that’s when we’ll see it.

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