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Microsoft to remove Windows 11 Tips app, following Cortana’s demise

Microsoft has confirmed that the Tips will no longer be updated with new features and will eventually be removed from future releases of Windows.

Key Takeaways

  • Microsoft is removing the Tips app from future releases of Windows, following a similar pattern of deprecating unused or replaced features.
  • The Tips app, though not widely popular, provides useful guidance and instructions for customizing the Start menu and maximizing productivity in Windows 11.
  • The removal of the Tips app may be due to the introduction of the Windows Copilot, which aims to replace it by offering simpler prompts and guidance for system settings. This suggests that the Tips app will become redundant.

Microsoft killed off the standalone Cortana app in Windows 11 a few months ago. That decision was largely seen as a way to make people use the Windows Copilot instead of the Cortana app for all the things the latter helped with. There is one more name that has joined Cortana in the list of deprecated features: the Tips app.

In its Learn document, Microsoft confirmed that it’d remove the Tips app from the “future release of Windows”. However, the software giant didn’t specify the timeline for when it’d be removed. The Tips app is currently working on PCs running Windows 11 23H2 update or older, but no new features will be added to it from now on. Although not confirmed, Microsoft might eventually get rid of it next year with the release of Windows 12.

Unlike in the case of Cortana, the Tips app is one of the least popular stock apps. But it’s useful, nonetheless. From showing you how to customize the Start menu to helping you maximize productivity, the Tips app on Windows 11 can come in handy, especially for those using the OS for the first time.

Microsoft hasn’t explained why it’s killing off the Tips app despite being helpful, but the reason could be the same as why the company deprecated the Cortana app—replacing it with the Windows Copilot. Although the Copilot experience in Windows 11 isn’t perfect at the moment, the app is meant to help you find system settings and do things on Windows with simple prompts. Effectively, you won’t need the Tips app to show you instructional guidance when you have a Copilot at your disposal to tweak system settings. In short, the Tips app will become redundant after the Copilot experience reaches its full potential.

Microsoft performs a routine exercise of killing off services that people no longer use or have been replaced with something superior. A couple of months ago, the Redmond tech giant announced that WordPad would no longer be updated, nor would it be added to future versions of Windows. In a more recent development, the company deprecated three of its legacy services in Windows. And soon joining the departure list will be the Maps and Movies & TV apps.

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