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Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Magnetic Case: the affordable MagSafe case


Mkeke’s iPhone 14 Pro Magnetic Case is one of the most budget-friendly, hard-wearing MagSafe cases around for Apple’s premium phone. Mkeke pride itself on offering affordable, stylish solutions for your iPhone. But budget, in this case, doesn’t mean cheaply made. Available in a variety of colors, let’s see why the Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Magnetic Case is worth investing in to protect your iPhone.

Strong magnets

With the Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Magnetic Case, you can just connect your iPhone to a wireless charger or attach a wireless battery pack to your phone without having to remove the case or fiddle around to ensure it’s properly attached. With a magnetic force of 2600Gs, it’s much stronger than many competitor phone cases. It uses strong N52SH magnets, ensuring that when you apply the case to any MagSafe accessory, your iPhone won’t be at risk of falling or slipping off. It’s on par with Apple’s official alternative.

This reduces the risk of your MagSafe accessory slipping off your iPhone or vice versa. So, you can continue watching your favorite TV show or making that important video call hands-free without worry.

Anti-yellowing properties

Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro MagSafe case

Image taken by Georgie Peru

One of the main reasons people invest in a transparent phone case is to be able to see the beauty of their phone. Since the iPhone 14 Pro is available in many colors, it would be a shame to cover it up with a phone case that doesn’t allow you to appreciate its form.

The Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Magnetic Case is crystal clear and boasts an anti-yellowing coating. So whether you’ve chosen Deep Purple, Gold, Silver, or Space Black for your iPhone, you’ll be able to enjoy it and show it off with the reassurance it will still be protected.

In addition to not yellowing over time, this phone case also offers a strong grip, so your phone won’t easily slip out of your hands. Unlike some iPhone cases, which are designed with shiny material, the Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Magnetic Case uses TPU to offer a non-slip grip that’s perfect for texting, gaming, and more.

Similarly, the careful design is present all-around with precise cutouts, so you don’t miss out on any of your iPhone’s functionality. Whether it’s the charging port, camera lenses, or speakers, this phone case won’t obstruct the use of your iPhone or make it difficult to use.

Ultimate protection

The entire purpose of installing a phone case on your phone is to ensure it’s protected from knocks, drops, and falls. The Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Magnetic Case offers military-grade drop protection, so your phone will be much harder to damage due to mishaps.

The 3.53mm bezels will protect the screen and camera from scratches or smashes even if your phone were to be dropped. Plus, the TPU bumpers around the edge of the case offer shock absorption, further enhancing the overall protection around your iPhone 14 Pro.

Lightweight and easy to install

Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro MagSafe case on white bg

Image taken by Georgie Peru

While other iPhone 14 Pro cases do a good job of protecting your phone, many of them are very fiddly to install or too bulky to carry around. The Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Magnetic Case is incredibly slim and lightweight. You can apply it to your phone easily in a matter of seconds, then barely notice the difference in weight.

Carrying your phone in your hands, pocket, or otherwise is effortless. Mkeke has carefully designed this phone case with real users in mind, minimizing bulkiness and maximizing protection.

The right iPhone 14 Pro case for you

Save yourself the time, hassle, and money of investing in a fancy iPhone 14 Pro case that won’t actually protect your phone. Instead, opt for an affordable alternative like the Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Magnetic Case that ensures your phone looks great, remains protected, and is easy to use and install.

And, with this case, you can keep it on your phone at all times since it’s MagSafe compatible. It’s easy to place your phone on a wireless charger at home, in your car, or use any other MagSafe accessory.

If you’re still not convinced, you’ll be pleased to know that Mkeke not only cares about its customers, it cares about the environment too. As well as being an Amazon Choice and Amazon Bestseller, Mkeke is also climate pledge friendly thanks to its cases being climate neutral. One Mkeke case can help contribute to global climate protection, so you’re not just investing in protection for your phone.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Magnetic Case from Amazon today.

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