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modern, with great sound quality and Alexa

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy a good Amazon Echo, this affordable model has everything you need.

This is the cheapest Amazon Echo you can buy: modern, with great sound quality and Alexa
The design of the cheapest Amazon Echo is more modern than that of its older brothers, with colors as original as this teal.

An Amazon Echo is one of the most useful smart devices you can buy for your home. You can use it to listen to musicto know the latest news, so that remind you of tasks what you have pending or for control other smart devices of the home, to mention a few functions. However, you may refuse to buy one of these Amazon Echos thinking that they are too expensive for you.

Surprise: there is a cheap Amazon Echo which has a very modern design and all the functions you need. Its about Echo Popa model that went on sale just a few months ago and has an excellent quality-price ratio. It originally costs 54.99 euros, but in Amazon and and MediaMarkt usually stars in offers that their price plummets in a big way. In fact, we have come to see around 20 eurosa scandal price.

A beautiful design for your home, great sound quality and Alexa ready to help you with everything you need. The Echo Pop is the cheapest Amazon smart speaker you can buy and below You will discover why it is so worth it.

Echo Pop

Why it is worth buying the cheapest Amazon Echo

The first detail that will make you fall in love with this Amazon Echo Pop is its design, very different to that of the rest of the firm’s speakers. It has a more modern aesthetic, with a completely flat part and such original colors like violet or teal. Another peculiarity of this Echo Pop is that can be purchased with colored covers even more striking, like red and orange. On Amazon you can buy these packs for just a few euros more.

This device is still a speaker, so it is especially important that it provides good sound quality. The Echo Pop more than delivers in this sense, offering clear and very powerful audio despite its compact size. You can ask Alexa to play music from Spotify or Amazon Music, or send it directly from your mobile phone by connecting it via Bluetooth.

Echo Pop buttons

The Echo Pop has buttons on the top, including to mute the microphone.

Just by saying “Alexa”, the voice assistant activates to help you with everything you need. You can ask the time, traffic status in your city or the weather tomorrow. With Alexa you can also activate timers and stopwatchesas well as reminders of your pending tasks. For example, you can ask him to remind you that you have a doctor’s appointment or that you need to water the plants.

In addition, Alexa is compatible with some “skills” that multiply its functions. For example, you can install the Pasapalabra skill to play with the assistant, the Cadena Ser one to listen to the radio and even one that plays rain sounds to help you sleep. Of course, with this Echo Pop you can also control other smart devices of home. For example, you can use it to turn on the air conditioning or turn off the light.

Echo Pop

The fact that Alexa is always ready to help you means that the microphone is activated 24 hours a day. This is positive, but also negative, because your privacy is reduced by being next to a device that listens to everything you speak. Fortunately, the Echo Pop has a microphone mute button and thus speak with total privacy.

In short, the Echo Pop allows you to enjoy all the benefits of an Amazon Echo without paying so much money. Remember that it is common to find it on sale in Amazon and and MediaMarkt. If you prefer to spend a little more and enjoy a more advanced model, the Echo Dot (5th generation) is also a great purchase on amazon. Both models are located between the best smart speakers with virtual assistant.

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