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‘Monument Valley’ Developers Have A New Game Called ‘Desta’

Most people who are on the mobile gaming scene should be familiar with Monument Valley. It’s an interesting and atmospheric puzzler with an emphasis on aesthetics. The studio behind it, Ustwo, is at it again with a new game called Desta in production (via Engadget).

This news comes hot off the announcement that Monument Valley (both the first and second games) will be coming to the PC. This port is called the Panoramic Collection, and it brings both games to the landscape orientation. The Panoramic Collection will land on Steam on July 12th, so there’s still a bit of a wait.

Desta will be an emotional and cerebral game

The full title of the game is Desta: The Memories Between. The word “Memories” plays a major role in this game. Your character is named Desta and, at the moment, we don’t know too much about their back story. However, we do know that they left their loved ones years ago for some reason.

The story begins with Desta returning to their home to find that things have changed. For starters, their father passed away while they were gone. However, Desta finds their father’s sacred blue orb.

This is where things may kick off, as this orb will be the main object that you use in the game. Finding the orb sends Desta into another world: a dreamlike world where the memories of their loved ones exist. You’ll need to use the orb to solve different types of puzzles. Solving those puzzles will unlock memories of Desta’s loved ones that they need to confront.

Given the subject matter and the fact that this is by the same studio that made Monument Valley, you can expect a deeply emotional affair. Confronting the memories of past loved ones will make anyone sentimental.

Details are still scarce

This game is still in development, so there’s no telling just when it’s going to come out. The screenshots we have so far look to be rather polished, so it might be in a later stage of development. We’re also not sure what platforms this game will launch on. More information on this game will become available over the coming months, so stay tuned.

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