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more gigs at the same price for these rates

more gigs at the same price for these rates


Rates of 50 and 100 GB will automatically receive a large increase in GB for free

Increase in Finetwork: more gigs at the same price for these rates

Finetwork wants its 2024 to be special, and thus continue to grow. Precisely for this reason, Fernando Alonso’s company will expand the data of its 50 GB and 100 GB mobile ratesthat will experience a large data surge. They will do it automatically, both for current and new customers, and without a price increase, completely free. In addition, in the coming weeks the mobile and mobile rates with fiber of other clients will be improved.

How are the 50 and 100 GB rates?

We will start with the 50 GB rate, which costs 14.90 euros per month. This will go from offering 50 GB to 90 GBalmost double. As we have indicated previously, the price will not change. The high will come starting March 1 and will maintain the conditions.

On the other hand, that of 100GBwhose price is 19.90 euros per month, will now offer 150 GB. In this way, it will compete directly with those of O2 oh simyo; that offer the same gigs. As with the 50 GB version, the price and conditions will remain the same and the increase will arrive on March 1st.

Clients of both will not have to carry out any procedure to obtain the increase, it will be automatic. However, they will not be the only clients of the operator who will see their rates boosted. During the last few weeks Finetwork has improved the rates of 100,000 clients while maintaining its price and conditions, such as permanence. Regarding this, the company already announced that In the coming weeks it will improve those of other clients that they have so much mobile and convergent rates (fiber and mobile).

Apart from the two that we already know how they will be enhanced, the 50 and 100 GB ones, Finetwork also offers two other mobiles. It has a mobile rate that is one of the cheapest on the market: It costs 4.90 euros per month and offers 10 gigabytes per month. For those who fall short, you can also get a 24 GB one, the price of which amounts to 8.90 euros.

Finetwork website

All Finetwork mobile rates incorporate unlimited calls, allow you to accumulate GB and lack permanence. The type of network used by the company is 4Galthough this may change soon, depending on the network provider you choose, as it currently has a contract with Vodafone, but it is about to expire and is open to negotiate with other suppliers.

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