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Mostly Exercising Indoors For Now – BionicOldGuy

My discharge instructions from Regional Medical Center after my bike crash the other day include prohibiting me to ride outside (or any other risky activity) for two weeks. This still allows me to walk outside, but for the first few days at least I’ve stuck to stationary cycling indoors for my legs and arm-cycling and strength training for the upper body. I will lose very little fitness doing this for two weeks because I am still doing high intensity exercise such as intervals as well as strength training. I think my legs will also like the break from all the higher-volume training I’ve been doing lately. Tomorrow is supposed to be an easy day so I think I’ll throw in a walk on the Minnie path and other nice scenery nearby.

The “Minnie Path” which my wife and I named after a cat that used to come visit us when we’d go for walks here

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