Home Latest Feeds Sports Mumbai Indians : Hardik is not the culprit; It is the management of the Mumbai team!’ – Do you know why?

Mumbai Indians : Hardik is not the culprit; It is the management of the Mumbai team!’ – Do you know why?

Mumbai Indians : Hardik is not the culprit;  It is the management of the Mumbai team!’  – Do you know why?


The disgruntled fans who started chasing Hardik in Ahmedabad did not let up after Wankhede’s arrival. Hardik has no support at home. Fans are into Hardik’s nose job.

Rohit Sharma

The fans could not accept Rohit’s removal and Hardik’s captaincy. That’s why fans are venting their displeasure on Hardik.

But does Hardik deserve all these objections? Is it right that he is put in the criminal cage?

Hardik Pandya

The reason for all the team’s problems is that the change of captaincy did not go smoothly. Fans are also unhappy with that. But for that, there is no justification for throwing tantrums whenever you see Hardik. By the way, the culprit here is the management of the Mumbai team and not Hardik. All IPL teams are run by corporates. Hardik Pandya, who used to play for a team run by a corporate company, has jumped to another team run by a corporate company. Do we move from one company to another for more salary and promotion? That is what happened here. Mumbai would have approached Hardik with an offer. He would have presented his side’s expectations. Both sides would have talked and come to a conclusion. But the Mumbai team management would have finally taken the decision to invite Hardik to Mumbai and give him the captaincy. so,


Hardik is the only employee who changed company for a better offer. If the salary is good and the position is good, will we not think of switching to another company? How can he be convicted of this? Such team changes are common in franchise games.

Many famous players in football league matches have changed teams like this. It seems foreign to us as that culture has only just started to permeate the IPL in India. What Hardik has done seems disloyal.

But it is the management of the Mumbai team that the fans should really be angry with. They are the ones who are missing out here. After paying due respects to their successful captain, they have stumbled into selecting the next captain smoothly. The timing of their selection of a new captain is ridiculous.

Rohit Sharma

There is a mega auction ahead of next season. This will be the last season before the auction. This team is a team chosen by Rohit and built according to his will. There would have been no objection to him staying with the team for one more season.

Rohit is a successful captain. He has won the trophy 5 times. He has led the team to the playoffs last time. Beyond the IPL, he has led the team to the finals of the World Cup. The Indian team lost only in that final. Otherwise the whole series was well played. Rohitan is also the captain of the Indian team for the T20 World Cup to be held in June. So what was the need to remove Rohit from the captaincy? Could they have kept him as the captain for one more season and made a smooth decision before the mega auction and announced the next captain?

Rohit’s dominance in the Indian team was also expected to end once the Indian team lost the World Cup. Hardik was expected to be the captain of the Indian team. Such news was also circulating very strongly. However, Hardik was sidelined for the post-World Cup series due to a sudden injury. Due to this, the implementation of the plan for Hardik in the Indian team has been delayed. In the meantime, Hardik of the Mumbai team was brought back with the thought that the one who is going to be the captain of India should also be the captain of the Mumbai team.

Nita Ambani

Now the management of the Mumbai team has another embarrassment. Rohit will lead the Indian team in the World Cup in June. If the Indian team performs very well in that world cup and wins the world cup, then who will be the captain of the Mumbai team? Will a World Cup-winning captain or a captain who led the best team in the World Cup be fielded as a regular player instead of a captain the very next season? Will Rohit agree to that? Also 3 players can be retained in the squad before the mega auction. Will Rohit and Hardik be retained then? If it is kept like that, will one of Bumrah and Suryakumar be asked to be released? Is it more likely to turn out to be a huge mistake?

The cause of all these temporary problems is the decision taken by the management of Mumbai team at the wrong time without knowing the time. So, there is no justification in rolling Hardik’s head or Rohit’s head in this matter.

Fans can raise their voices against the management of the Mumbai team if they want. ‘We will not give up. Let’s keep fighting.’ Hardik Pandya has tweeted. It would be good if this hope, which sprouts into great trouble, comes true.



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