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Myshkin is a devil!.. There is no fourth before him!.. Appreciated Bala!..

The music release of the film Devil, produced and composed by Myshkin, was held yesterday. It was attended by leading directors of Tamil cinema like Bala, Vetimaaran, Hari and producer Thanu.

Speaking on stage, Bala praised the director Mishkin. Myshkin has talked a lot about me. There is an incident that Ilayaraja told about Mishkin, I went to his studio to compose music for my film.

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Then one of them was running here and there with his shorts stuck and two different sandals that were unrelated. I looked at Ilayaraja sir and asked him who he was.. He said he was a great intellectual who did not take him for granted. I didn’t understand what he meant then, and it was only later when I worked with Myshkin that I found out that he really is a devil.

When director Bala praised Myshkin on the stage that I am not a single person before him, Myshkin ran and hugged her as Anna and said that I am working as an assistant director in his film Vananaan. There is no assistant director, he has worked as a director. Vanagan has also given an update on the film as he has composed and directed a scene.

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