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Narrative co-op Baladins is already halfway through its Kickstarter goal

Independent studio Seed by Seedknown for the co-op platformer Pile up! Box by Boxbrought to Kickstarter mine new project. It’s online co-op again, but this time in the “choose your own adventure” genre: Baladins.

Baladins players are waiting for a full-fledged story campaign, divided into hour-long sessions for 1-4 people. They will have a choice of four unique street musicians with original skills: cooking, fireworks, dancing, or even the ancient magic of repairing lamps.

The story in the game is common, the main goal is the same for everyone: save the world and cheer the dragon. But there can be many adventures, because we ourselves decide which path to follow and which missions to take on. And different approaches will lead to different results.

There are 29 days left until the end of the Kickstarter campaign, and the game has already managed to raise more than half of the required funds. And on the page Steam available for free demo version.

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