Home Android News Netflix begins production on the third season of ‘Alpha Males’

Netflix begins production on the third season of ‘Alpha Males’

Netflix begins production on the third season of ‘Alpha Males’


The irreverent humor of ‘Machos Alfa’ returns with the original cast and new locations in Spain, promising ten episodes of laughter and delirious situations

Netflix begins production on the third season of 'Alpha Males'
Scene from the series ‘Alpha Males’

The fight against toxic masculinity continues: Netflix has started production of the third season of Alpha Males. This comedy, which can boast of being one of the spanish series which has caused the most laughter in recent years, remains a new installment highly anticipated by viewers.

Yesterday morning, The Netflix Spain account made it official on X (Twitter): “They have just finished a season and they are already scoring another goal. The production of #MachosAlfa3 begins”they were saying. A while later, it would be Gorka Otxoa, one of its new protagonists, who would confirm this news by providing new information: filming will begin in three weeks.

The filming of this new installment will take place over the next four months, in different locations in Spain. And, if last season we were able to see them in Ibiza, Malaga and especially in Madrid, it has been confirmed that Tarragona, Gerona and again Madrid are some of the chosen settings for the third season, thus evidencing its diversity of contexts and environments.

We will see the original cast again

The original cast, which has been key to the success of this series, will be back in this third season. We meet again Fernando Gil, María Hervás, Raúl Tejón, Kira Miró, Gorka Otxoa, Paula Gallego, Fele Martínez and Raquel Guerrerowho have conquered the public with their characteristic roles. After two seasons setting the bar high, the public has the sky-high expectations.

Thus, His biggest challenge is to keep the comic essence of his characters in force.adapting to the nuances of a plot that continues to develop. However, we will have to wait a season to see if the 10 new episodes from the third season of Alpha Males They manage to maintain the level of entertainment and quality that the Caballero brothers’ series has demonstrated since its inception.

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