Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Netizens fire on psycho Lobo

Netizens fire on psycho Lobo
Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Netizens fire on psycho Lobo

In Bigg boss house, Monday was the day of nominations.  The nomination episode also was interesting and this week 8 candidates are nominated. Priya nominated Lobo and Sunny. Lobo retaliated by nominating Priya  alleged that she ridiculed his love story last week. Lobo lost his cool when Priya was speaking and started to scream. Priya gave a composed retort but later she broke into tears. Lobo nominated contestant Siri  by saying that  she fely hungry when someone was narrating their love story. Siri justified her act.

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Shanmukh nominated Lobo and Ravi. He nominated Lobo for shouting at Priya. Siri also nominated Lobo. Maanas too nominated Lobo for using foul language. Maanas nominated Nataraj master too. Swetha nominated Lobo for his double standards that he says he respects women but he shouted at contestant Priya.   The TV lovers are not happy with the contestant Lobo and  they are trolling him on Twitter. Few are also calling Lobo a psycho.  Few comments by Bigg Boss lovers are as follows:

Janu Sadhyaa: First Pichhi kukkala aravali Second Sympathy Kosam Edavali Full Fake In Nominations Day #Lobo Worst Of All #BiggBossTelugu5

 Satish Kumar: #BiggBossTelugu5 after tomorrow elimination #Lobo performance will be

 Janu Pinky: Two Fakes In One Pic #Lobo #Ravi #BiggBossTelugu5

 Pedda Dora: Ila arichi arichi #Priya ni strong contender chestunnaru, such incidents makes her fanbase wider and stronger. #Lobo might be your point is correct but shouting on lady is not correct. #biggbosstelugu5 #5muchdrama

 Satish Kumar: psycho #lobo now happy #BiggBossTelugu5

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