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new battery supplier for the Galaxy S24

Samsung increases its list of ‘partners’ for the Galaxy S24 that secure up to 4 different battery suppliers, also getting dangerously close to ‘made in India’.

Key change at Samsung: new battery supplier for the Galaxy S24
The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra battery assembly in close-up, reviewed by JerryRigEverything.

A few hours ago one more detail of the upcoming Galaxy S24 that Samsung obviously already on the drawing board for the first quarter of 2024and that apparently will change the layout of the main speaker which will no longer be located behind some holes on the metal chassis, but on a horizontal elliptical cut grid on the bottom frame of the device.

It’s a minor design detail, we know, but it confirms Samsung’s work to refine to the maximum your next flagshiptrying the machada of improve the (almost) unbeatable taking maximum care of all aspects of the development of a smartphone that will surely be continue leaking more and more information to us as the end of the year approaches and with it its presentation in 2024.

We now know that the South Korean giant is also reviewing its supply chain and partnersWell, some sources have confirmed SamMobile that Samsung is going to shake up the tree of component suppliers, adding a fourth firm that will supply them with lithium batteries for your next top of the range.

Until now, it was known that Samsung received batteries from three companies and three countries different in Asia, which are its subsidiary Samsung IDE from Vietnam, Ningde Amperex Technology Limited in China and finally the firm from India ELENTEC. The fourth in contention will be Navitasysalready certified by Security Koreawhich in the end is another company based in the giant Indian market.

It is not a banal detail nor just a curiosity, and it is that the trend of the entire market is moving towards the relocation of production in China, which is moving little by little towards India. And this is a path that we have even seen begin to Google with its Pixel phones.

The truth is join Made in India offers benefits tangible and direct for technological manufacturers, since this program allows any foreign company Collaborate with local companies that have access to tax breaks and financial aidsomething that is always attractive for financial engineering.

Samsung will have more battery suppliers, two of them from India, although we do not know if it will relocate any part of the production of the Galaxy S24 to there, which is aiming very high in terms of sales expectations.

With this, Samsung ensures a stock enough batteries for its next standard bearers, although it leaves us in the air whether any part of the production and/or assembly could be moved to India now or in the near future.

Another option could be simpler, and that is that after the huge success of the Galaxy S23 selling even above Samsung’s production capacity, perhaps the Seoul firm is just trying to increase said production ensuring more volume of components thanks to more external suppliers.

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