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New CIRP report finds that iPhone owners are not likely to also purchase Apple TV or HomePod

The iPhone has long been the entry device into the Apple ecosystem. Once a customer has an iPhone in hand, they’ve been more likely to expand into other Apple devices as well.

In a new report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) (via 9to5Mac), analysts have looked to see if some Apple devices are in fact a gateway to more of the hardware ecosystem and, if so, what those additional devices are. The survey gathered data from 900 customers in the United States who purchased an iPhone in the last twelve months (ending in June of 2021).

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Josh Lowitz, CIRP partner and co-founder, specifically pointed out AirPods and the iPad as two devices that seem to come along naturally with having an iPhone.

What sort of electronics do Apple owners own, and then what Apple products do they own. Things that pair with iPhones do well, like Apple Watch and AirPods. iPhone buyers have been drawn to both products, and Apple has a large and growing share in both markets. iPhone buyers also tend to own tablets, specifically iPads. Almost as many iPhone buyers have a tablet as have a PC, and Apple has a dominant share of those tablet sales.

Mike Levin, CIRP partner and co-founder, found that the company does not fare as well when it comes to home products. Particularly, the iPhone does not mean that customers will also pick up an Apple TV or HomePod speaker.

Apple has failed to replicate its mobile success in selling home-based devices. Almost all iPhone buyers have a PC, but Apple does not dominate, with only 41% of the market. Apple also has relatively low shares of the streaming TV device segment, where over two-thirds of iPhone buyers own one, but only 39% of them own an Apple TV box. As we’ve seen before, Apple has a very small share of the smart speaker segment, which has grown among iPhone buyers where 45% own one or more, but 75% of those smart speaker owners have a competitor’s product.

Apple is expected to announce a new iPhone, the iPhone 13, at a virtual event in September. The company is also anticipated to release 3rd generation AirPods this fall.

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