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New iPhone SE 3 survives drop tests just like an iPhone 13

Apple’s new iPhone SE comes with just as much glass as the old one which might have some people concerned about its longevity. However, a new drop test says that we should expect the iPhone SE to do just as well as an iPhone 13 in terms of breakage.

Those buying a new iPhone SE will find that while their new device can be broken, it should stand up to punishment just as well as the higher-end iPhone 13 models. That’s what Allstate Protection Plans found when it conducted its own drop tests. According to those tests, an iPhone SE should stand the test of time and only suffered minor scrapes when dropped from 6 feet high. That was when dropped face-down. The device didn’t fare quite so well when dropped on its rear, leading Allstate to suggest people still use cases.

“With the 3rd generation iPhone SE, Apple has created a truly durable phone that doesn’t break the bank. It survived one drop from six feet on its front and side, which is impressive. While it didn’t survive a back-down drop from six feet, putting it in a case should help,” said Jason Siciliano, Allstate Protection Plan vice president of marketing and creative director. “While its $429 price point makes the new iPhone SE a more affordable option, it can cost up to $299 to repair. That’s why a case, screen protector, and protection plan are always good ideas.”

With that in mind new iPhone SE buyers should check out our collection of the best iPhone SE cases before their devices get too scuffed up. No matter how much we try not to drop these things, it’s always going to happen eventually!

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