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New leader at the helm of Yettel’s business security board

From January 2, 2024, Krisztián Hári will manage the business security directorate of Yettel Hungary. The organizational unit is also responsible for ensuring Yettel’s physical, information and cyber protection.

Krisztián Hári has been dealing with IT and networks since 1994, and with IT and cyber security since 1999. Initially, he worked as an expert, and later in various management positions, he helped protect digital company values ​​and customer data, as well as the development of secure services at Magyar Telekom and the Deutsche Telekom group.

He has been active in public administration for the past 4 years and worked on increasing the cyber security maturity and resilience of e-public administration as the cyber security manager of the National Infocommunications Service Provider. During this period, he and his team built a security control center (SOC) for e-public administration, which is also unique in the region.

For more than 2 years, he has been representing Hungary in the work of the European Cyber ​​Security Competence Center (ECCC) as a member of the organization’s steering committee. In the past period, he helped the Government Information Technology Development Agency (KIFÜ) in the preparation of the National Coordination Center.

Krisztián is married, father of three daughters, travels and dives in caves and mines in his spare time.

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