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Nikon buys RED, the company behind the infamous RED Hydrogen One

Nikon has bought RED, the company specialized in professional video cameras, which once dared to launch an Android smartphone

Nikon buys RED, the company behind the infamous RED Hydrogen One
The RED Hydrogen One is considered one of the worst Android smartphones in history

In his day he was one of the smartphones that more hype generated among technology enthusiasts. After all, it was one of the devices most innovative that they had seen each other in a long time. But RED Hydrogen One’s journey was short. Very short. The brand behind the “first holographic mobile in history” decided to abandon the project shortly after launching his first phone, and pivoted all his efforts towards what he truly knows how to do: build professional video recording cameras.

And they won’t be doing so bad when the mark has just been acquired by Nikonthe Japanese photography giant, which has made it official through a press release published on its website.

Red will become part of Nikon

The RED Hydrogen One was presented to the world in 2018, although months before, the company had already begun to drop teasers about this product. After its presentation, The first reviews were not particularly positive.. Those who were able to test the device complained about the poor quality of its “holographic” screenthe absence of accessories compatible with its modular system, the enormous size of the phone and its high price. The technical specifications were not among the most cutting-edge of its generation either.

But RED is much more than that. RED cameras are widely used in the film industry, a market that Nikon aims to approach thanks to its new acquisition, as they explain by taking advantage of “their knowledge in film cameras, including their unique image compression and color science technology.” “.

Red Camera Photos Unsplash

One of RED’s video cameras

Curiously, the acquisition occurred a little less than a year after RED demands a Nikonprecisely for infringing the patents related to the video compression technology that Nikon has referred to in its statement. The lawsuit, however, ended up being dismissed and the case was closed.

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