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Nintendo has dispelled rumors that the Nintendo Switch OLED model will lead to higher profit margins

Some recent reports by business industry outlets such as Bloomberg have suggested that the Nintendo Switch OLED model and its increased price of $350 USD meant that Nintendo would need to spend an extra $10 USD per system, and, by extension, would result in increased profit margins.

On July 19, 2021, Nintendo has published a tweet dispelling these rumors, presumably to reassure investors and shareholders that Nintendo has been making exactly as much money as they have disclosed to them.

Additional rumors surrounding Nintendo’s plans for hardware have included that the company released the Nintendo Switch OLED model as a sort of “stop gap” during the pandemic to re-establish the baseline Nintendo Switch model, and that they could actually be planning to release the “real” rumored successor to the Nintendo Switch, often referred to as the “Nintendo Switch Pro”.

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Nintendo has stated that they “have no plans for launching any other model at this time” in a follow-up tweet, perhaps to dissuade people from waiting to purchase a Nintendo Switch until an unconfirmed successor released, meaning they would be missing out on some amazing games in the name of unsubstantiated rumors.

While rumors can be fun to follow, it’s also important to listen to companies when they explicitly declare their plans. The unfortunate result of rumors and, specifically, hype in the gaming industry is that disappointments can arise, particularly when developers change their plans.

Super shiny

Switch Oled Product Shot

Nintendo Switch OLED model

A new and improved Nintendo Switch

The OLED model brings several welcome changes to the original Nintendo Switch including a LAN port, longer kickstand, 64GB of internal storage, and an improved display. It works with all Nintendo Switch games.

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