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No one blames Vadivelu… the famous comedy actor who is taking advocacy…

Actor Vadivelu: Vadivelu is one of the comedy actors of Tamil cinema. All his comedies are meant to be enjoyed by people. He made his debut in Tamil cinema with N Rasa’s Manasile. Bin Devar Magan, Singara Velan, Varavu Ettana Kadhu Pathana became famous among people for his comedies.

He has acted in almost all the director’s films and has worked with many veteran actors. He created his own fan base through films like Multavan and Valanthan.

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There can be no one who does not enjoy Vadivelu comedies. His comedies in films like Emton Magan and Chandramukhi gave the film a unique edge. If his character in movies is like this, then in real life, his co-stars want to make various accusations against him. Many celebrities accused him of not helping any of his co-stars in real life.

Actor Telephone Raj is one of the co-stars. He has acted in almost 20 films with Vadivelu. Telephone Raj rose to fame with the comedy ‘A Blow to My Brother’. In a recent interview given by him, all those who are criticizing Vadivelu now are those who were raised by him.

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Now they are disparaging Vadivelu just to make them famous. Singamuthu, Meesai Rajendran and many others threatened me over the phone because I was speaking in favor of Vadivelu. And if Vadivelu’s comedies in Chandramukhi 2 are not well done, it is the director’s fault and not Vadivelu’s fault’, he said.

He said that the reason why Vadivelu’s comedies were successful earlier was that the directors of the film had comedy in mind and Vadivelu did it well, but now directors don’t have comedies in mind and that’s why Vadivelu’s comedies are not enjoyable. Therefore, it is not right to speak disparagingly of Vadivelu, I will stand by Vadivelu no matter who speaks like that.

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