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No punching.. no celebration! The main reason why Ajith did not come to the captain’s death

Actor Ajith: A video of Ajith dancing with a girl is going viral on the internet since yesterday. Photos and videos of Ajith celebrating the new year with his family in Dubai kept coming one by one on social media.

Seeing this, die-hard fans made various criticisms saying that Ajith is playing pranks without coming to the captain’s hideout and that Ajith, who was carrying for Aamir Khan, could not board the flight for the captain.

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But for Ajith, he is unable to attend any function or mourning event. It is also said that Ajith has changed like this for the original film. But everyone was expecting that Ajith would run anyway for the captaincy.

But reports surfaced that Ajith had contacted Premalatha and Sutheesh via cell phone and conveyed his condolences. But I don’t know how true that is.

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Because if there is any news from Ajith’s side, it will definitely be from his manager Suresh Chandra first. So there is no mention of Suresh Chandra in this obituary.

Although all this is one sided, the real reason why Ajith did not come has been revealed today. Just three days before the captain’s death, Ajith was involved in the fight scenes of the film Vidathela.

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No matter how much he said that he can keep dope, he has been beaten in the leg because he acted in spite of it. So Ajith was admitted to a hospital in Dubai for three days. It is said that Ajith could not come because of that. It is also said that the photos and videos released then may have been taken earlier.

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