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Nobody knows what’s going on with Samsung’s Galaxy S21 FE

Nobody knows what’s going on with Samsung’s Galaxy S21 FE


Maybe not even Samsung

Samsung added an affordable flagship to the Galaxy S20 lineup last year — the Galaxy S20 FE. The Fan Edition device was a big hit, as it had most of the features found on the vanilla Galaxy S20 at a much more affordable price. During its launch, Samsung had promised that it would launch more Fan Edition variants of its flagship devices to bring premium features to more buyers. As expected, we started seeing leaks about the Galaxy S21 FE soon after Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S21 series earlier this year.

Over the last few months, we’ve learned several details about the Galaxy S21 FE through various leaks. We’ve seen multiple renders of the device, spotted it on certification websites, and even heard reports about Samsung starting its mass production. Although Samsung has shared little information about the phone so far, we were certain that the company would unveil it sometime soon. However, a recent string of conflicting reports have added a level of uncertainty to Samsung’s plans for the Galaxy S21 FE.

Over the last few days, we’ve seen reports suggesting that Samsung has shelved the Galaxy S21 FE due to production constraints. Other reports have corroborated this claim by showcasing that the company has removed all mentions of the device from its websites.

However, we’ve also seen evidence suggesting that the Galaxy S21 FE might, in fact, get to see the light of day. We’ve seen quick start guides for the device from Cricket Wireless and Verizon, notable leakers have revealed that T-Mobile has added new SKUs of the phone to its system, and it has even made an appearance on Google’s list of ARCore supported devices. Furthermore, we’ve also seen a report about Samsung resuming mass production of the device.

Since these reports offer contradictory information and Samsung hasn’t shared any official details, the Galaxy S21 FE’s future remains uncertain. Given that Samsung has already delayed its launch quite a bit, it would make sense for the company to scrap it entirely, especially since we’re getting close to the rumored start of mass production for the upcoming Galaxy S22 series.

Featured image: Leaked render of the Galaxy S21 FE


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